Here is a proven formula below for promoting Lewis’ book.

1. Repeated contact.

One email, blog post, or podcast is not enough. It’s important to keep up the excitement and momentum, especially as we enter the home stretch.

That means:

An email in the first week
A follow up email the second week.
A deadline email or two on the last day.

2. Use different outlets.

The word “Email” above could be replaced by “blog post” or “tweets” or “podcast episode.” The key here is to make sure you are talking about the book in different places. Do a 30 to 60-second spot on your podcast. Make sure to keep Tweeting and posting to Facebook. Use Instagram to show your copy of the book, etc.

Take the swipe email copy and turned it into a blog post. 

3. Get personal.

What did you get out of the book? Personally, I found that reading the book helped me get clear about my WHY.

What story touched you the most? Was there a particular story that tugged at your heart or got you thinking? Share that with your audience.

4. Offer an exclusive bonus.

Find something that fits your audience and throw it in as add-on. Simply ask them to submit a form with a copy of the receipt and they get a free ebook or workbook.

TIP #1: This is also a great way to grow your email list. Use the form as an opt-in.

TIP #2: Follow up with that list during the course launch phase and offer an additional bonus for buying the course.

5. Sell with “authority.”

The worst thing in the world is a scared seller. I spent nearly an hour on the phone recently with a highly successful entrepreneur. Someone I look up to. And when he revealed his sales strategy to me, I cringed. He was selling scared.

It’s easy for me to judge…I do the same thing. But the key is to sell with authority. You are offering an amazing product with amazing bonuses.

I’m telling you this book is going to change lives. This is going to be one of those books that people talk about in twenty years. Be proud of what you are offering your audience, because you’re going to be a part of some amazing transformation stories.

If you need any inspiration for copy, check out the Email Swipe Copy and Social Media Swipe Copy.

Go be awesome…and if you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to ask.

All the best,

Matt McWilliams
JV Manager
(p) 317.825.8826