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Here you’ll find more in-depth information on things I only briefly touched on in the book. I’ve included links to my favorite resources, people, and podcast episodes that speak on what I discuss in the book.

There’s only so much you can fit in a book, so think of this as the extended version of the 8 principles of greatness.

I’ve been blessed to have incredible people and resources come into my life on my journey to greatness, and I’ve only included the best here for you to use. Take advantage of as many resources as you want and let me know what you think of them!

Create a Vision

Certificate of Achievement

Print this out, frame it, and place it where you’re going to look at it every day. Make it the focal point of your daily routine, always at the top of your mind and on the tip of your tongue as that singular thing you must achieve.

Download Your Certificate Here

Personal Statement Plan

This exercise is designed to bring everything about your vision together into a plan of action. We can think and plan and hope and wish, but until we do something about our vision, it will only ever be just a dream.

Download Your PSP Here

Champion’s Mindset

To get you in the right frame of mind for your day, then check
out these additional meditation resources I recommend.

Headspace Meditation App
MindBodyGreen meditation courses

Master your Body
Workout Resources

My favorite workouts and
more information on each!

My man Marc Fitt - amazing workouts to get ripped

Kelly Starrett’s Workout of the Day - Reebok Trainer (Monthly Membership)

Carl Paoli’s Workout of the Day (FREE)

Here's a suggested warmup/workout
for strength training days for 45-60 min.

I've always been a huge advocate of warm-up before exercise or lifting. Specifically, I spend 15min on an elliptical machine/stationary bike/treadmill getting the blood going. I follow this up with 10-15 min of static AND dynamic stretching (examples - sit and stretch vs standing leg kicks). From there I would suggest interval training (below) and/or plyometrics. I love plyos as an athlete. These are great 'body weight' muscle conditioners. Don't get too caught up in lifting weights while getting in shape!

Interval workout I do (which will also be in my upcoming book!)

45 seconds push ups

15 seconds rest

45 seconds air squats

15 seconds rest

45 seconds jump rope

15 seconds rest

45 seconds lunges

15 seconds rest

45 seconds sit ups

15 seconds rest

(do 4 rounds of this and
2-3 min rest between each











Salsa dancing

Enzyme Recommendations

Paying attention to those inflammatory processes is important. Inflammation can even come from poor digestion! One thing that can be valuable in dealing with inflammation is using proteolytic enzymes. Proteolytic enzymes go through the body and start to break down any kind of dead proteins that are lying around the body and stimulating inflammatory responses. Utilizing a good proteolytic enzyme can be a major benefit to mastering your own health. (My personal recommendation for the best enzyme:

DigesTech digestive enzyme

Supplement Resources

Supplements/Products I recommend to optimize your body:

HempFORCE plant-based protein powder to add to your smoothies pre or post-workout

AlphaBRAIN dietary supplement to help with focus

ShroomTECH Sport dietary supplement to give an extra edge to your athletic performance

Use the code GREATNESS at checkout to receive 10% off your Onnit Order!

Build A Winning Team: Mastermind Resources

For more on masterminds, learn from the master of creating a
powerful network and masterminds, Keith Ferrazzi

Live a Life of Service: Resources

Below are the specific organizations that I believe in that you can also get involved in! (Listen the founder’s interview on my podcast HERE) (Listen the founder’s interview on my podcast HERE) (Scooter Braun’s wife Yael is the founder) (Listen the founder’s interview on my podcast HERE) (Listen the founder’s interview on my podcast HERE)


Check out TED talks on the topics you’re interested in supporting to find out about organizations

Find up to date information on how non-profits are using their funds and other verified statistics at

Search non-profits on to see what projects currently need funding and what they are going to create

Check out the Twitter profiles of organizations you are interested in to see what kind of community they are building and who is engaging with them

Entrepreneur Resources

Click Here for the list of resources I've used to grow my 7 Figure Business and live the lifestyle of my dreams!